Before any mode of learning becomes useful we must first discover your attitude towards learning.

If you are familiar with Carol Dweck’s work, you’ll know all about the Growth Mindset.

At the end of this lecture, we’ll find out what mindset you have. But first, I’m going to briefly tell you why it is important to have a growth mindset and what a growth mindset is.

Those with a growth mindset see themselves in a constantly evolving, changing and changeable state, capable of anything they put their mind to. They can take on challenges without fear, handle failures without suffering a loss in motivation and view effort as positive and worthwhile – enabling them to experience great joy and pleasure in the learning process. In fact, they are a process, moving through time, and all they care about is reaching the next step.

I hope that from that explanation alone you’re starting to see why I believe that this is such vital trait for learners. But what’s really important is the way you feel. It’s your life, no one else can experience it for you. That’s why you should have as many positive experiences as possible.

Without a growth mindset you’ll become frustrated, and start telling yourself things like “I can’t do it”, “I’m so stupid”, “this is pointless, I’ll never be able to do it” and so on…

Maybe you’ve already said those things before? Well, the danger is that the more you say it to yourself, the more your subconscious will actually start to believe it; and how can you ever feel good if you believe those things?

What’s worse, if someone else says them to you, you’ll take it to heart and feel disapproval, shame and hurt inside. Naturally, you’ll run from it all to protect yourself. In other words, quit! That’s a fixed mindset.

OK, there’s a lot more to this but I think you get the idea. So, let’s see if you already have a growth mindset or not. Click below for:

10 questions that prove what mindset you have. Fixed or Growth.

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