Welcome to my Instructional Design e-portfolio. My name is John Robinson.

I grew up immersed in music and, like so many other Instructional Designers, got my start in teaching.

I have used the skills gained as a musician and coupled them with digital marketing skills to craft a unique skillset.

Work Examples


Drumming Accelerator

A beginners guide to drumming featuring accelerated learning and deliberate practice principles.

YouTube Channel

Here, I post game ideas, practice and learning tips and motivational content.

Summer Band Camp Program

A 1-week camp where children aged 8-16 are taught how to perform in a band live on stage!

About Me


I have a vision of a non-standardised education system tailored to the individual’s needs and desires.

With a background as a professional musician and teacher. I plan to advance my career in education and instructional design.

Currently, I'm Business Development Manager for Modern Music School, the leading music school in Europe, and a Freelance Instructional Designer.


Creative Music Performance, BA

  Music Production, Fnd

 Become an Instructional Designer, Lynda.com Learning Path


Practice and Learning is a way of life for me and personal development is a passion, as well as a top priority. I
love books, courses, podcasts and blogs, networking and applying knowledge.

I have informally studied digital marketing for 2 years and will be certified by Knowledge Society in October.

Accomplishments and Testimonials


I've published a course on Udemy with over 1000 students enrolled.

I've self-published 2 books related to drumming and accelerated learning and maintain a blog related to learning principles, deliberate practice, and personalised learning.


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