This post follows on from the previous post What’s Your Attitude Towards Learning? If you haven’t read that, have a quick look. Or, if you’re just interested in the results and not so much the theory, carry on.

Get out a pen. Answer the questions below.

Write your answers down and we’ll check them later. Of course, you must be honest with yourself, don’t answer what you think the ideal answer is, answer what you think and truly believe.

1. Describe your current ability?

2. You’re on the phone to a friend and you start telling them about your problem, they interrupt you telling you they don’t care and hang up. How do you feel?

3. You’re trying a new skill and someone tells you you’re bad at it, how would you respond to that?

4. You reach your car and you got a parking ticket for your wheel being 1cm over the line, what do you think to yourself?

5. Some people are just naturally gifted at birth and they are very lucky, you’ll never be as gifted as them. True or False?

6. Some people are less intelligent than others and there’s not much they can do about it. True or False?

7. Imagine you’re an expert at something and someone tells you you’re amazing and brilliant and a genius. What would you say back other than thank you?

8. True love exists, it’s out there somewhere, you just got to go find it, if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. True or False?

9. You love taking on new challenges, doing puzzles, learning new tricks and actually enjoy putting in the effort. True or False?

10. On a scale of 1 -10 rate your readiness to grow? 1 = happy where I am, I’ve done a lot of growing and I’m just fine the way I am. 10 = Boom I’m ready, let’s go, what’s next.

Now tally up the Fixed vs Growth

If you use the context of I am good or I am bad and talk about labels and descriptive words, and words like can or can’t, you are Fixed.
If you say things like I am getting better all the time or I must try harder and talk about progress, using words like ‘yet’ or ‘getting’- you are Growth
If you take it personally and think they don’t care about you, they’re always like that, or you get mad at them you’ve probably got a Fixed mindset.
If you realise you made a blunder and should have asked them about themselves first or think, oops – I guess they’re having a bad day, I should be more considerate next time, you’ve probably got a Growth Mindset.
If it upsets you and you get defensive, or if it makes you feel stupid and think that you are bad, you’re Fixed.
If you say, well yeah it’s harder than I thought or obviously, I’ve just started, I’m going to have to work at this. You’re Growth minded.
If you think jumped up, power-crazed fool; I’m literally a tiny bit over and there’s no one around, what’s his problem? And you get mad and blame him for being so strict. You’re Fixed.
If you think, oh, I’m going to have to take more care next time. You’re Growth.
True = Fixed
False = Growth
True = Fixed
False = Growth
Wow thank you, yes of course I am, I’ve got a gift, I’m best in the world, actually. You have a Fixed mindset.
If you say, well I have been doing this a long time, or Nah not really, I still got a long way to go. You have a Growth Mindset.
True = Fixed
False = Growth
True = Growth
False = Fixed
1 – 5 = Fixed
5 – 10 = Growth

So what did you reveal?

Most people are a mix. I want you to become as growth-minded as possible if you can do that you’ll start to enjoy learning more and you’ll discover that effort is actually fun. Not only that, you’ll have more energy too.

Ultimately learning boils down to a change in identity. To achieve the things that you want in life you must become “not me”. You see, right now, you are not the person who will reach your goals, otherwise you’d have already met them. So, you will have to change in order to do so. Your mindset is how you see yourself and the world around you, it acts as a kind of filter that lets you make sense of the things around you and governs your actions.

It is your self-image. Do you see yourself as always growing, capable of anything?

Change is the fundamental law of nature. We are built to grow. Failures and mistakes are part of that process. Your mindset determines how you’ll respond to those failures and is a predictor of your long term success, to become greater.

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