What’s the difference that makes the difference in education?

Learn some powerful methods and become an expert in your field. I want you to have greater impact on your students, you may be familiar with some of these methods and concepts but are you using them? be honest with yourself.

Hello and welcome. My name is John and I’ll be your guide for this course.

  • I’ve been teaching professionally full-time for 7 years now
  • Gotten 2 industry Certificates in education
  • Invested  in educating myself in the art of teaching, well over
    • 2,500 hours and
    • Thousands of dollars
  • My student got the highest exam result in the entire UAE in 2017

It is my hope to pass some of that expertise onto you. Why? Because they have been so valuable to me and enabled me to transform the lives of hundreds of individuals. Plus, I have a passion for teaching and I just enjoy doing it so much.

  • Are you teaching mixed ability children or adults, individually or in groups?
  • Do you desire to be the best you can be for your students?
  • Are you teaching methods getting you the results you want?

Are you a beginner? Maybe you’re a master of your craft but know nothing of how to teach and are humble enough to accept that.

Are you more advanced? Maybe you just need a refresher, or maybe you 'get' it logically but don't know how to put them into practice.

Or maybe you’re like me and always thirsty for self-improvement.

Either way, you’ll benefit from this course and, in particular, the way that it’s set out.

This is part 1 of a 2 part guide that provides you with powerful models and clear instructions on how to actually apply them in your lessons.

Part 1 will focus on Learning

  • How we learn
  • Different learning styles
  • The learning process
  • Learning strategies and frameworks
  • Lesson structure

You'll discover how not all learning is equal. Most of it is merely useless data, but it can become wisdom when applied to our values.

The most efficient and effective learning strategy. How to set clear learning objectives that draw results to you like a magic magnet. A mindset of master learner and the philosophy they believe

I’m sure you’re aware there is a revolution going on in education right now, and it’s for the better quite frankly. I wish to fuel the fire by spreading this information and the skills taught in this course. It’s a purely skills based course. You can find more of the information I just mentioned on my social media channels @PursueASkill

You'll not only learn what these methods are but you'll be given clear guidance on how to actually use them, and better still, how to perfect them. because applying these methods is a skill in of itself. And using the core message and most powerful method in this course, you'll be able to quickly master them.

Sure, you'll learn the principles of learning and teaching including

  • feedback principles
  • accelerated learning principles
  • exercise design principles
  • learning outcomes principles

But, you’ll also be given a step-by-step, how-to user guide for each concept as a downloadable resource, which includes a reference point to be used to help you evaluate your outcomes.

The most valuable thing about this course is the impact these methods have on your students. Not only will they progress faster and become transformed, but they’ll enjoy the lessons more. Resulting in

  • more status for you,
  • longer relationships and ultimately,
  • more referrals.

When you see your students succeed because of the things you’ve shown them, you feel massive amounts of pride and fulfillment. You know that feeling already, but you don’t get it every time because you don’t know how to adapt your teaching style to suit the learners needs. Some students walk away just not ‘getting it’ after all your efforts. “What happened?” you ask. Was there some communication breakdown, some barrier between you, because you were obviously teaching the thing correctly and they were definitely doing their best to understand, but they didn’t learn. That’s probably because you didn’t know how to effortlessly alter your approach and meet the learner where they were. To enter into their world and draw out from within their true power and full potential.

Time after time my students tell me things like:

"I’ve been learning for 4 years and I’ve always struggled with fills. After just 2 lessons with you I’ve mastered it and also found my love for drumming again. You’re a genius."

"Teacher John is very patient, classes are fun and very productive, you can learn a lot event within 30 min."

"John has been teaching my children for a few years. As they have grown and developed as students, John continues to grow and advance as a teacher. John’s methods of teaching speak to each child differently. He is consistently creating and evolving ways to engage and spark creativity in his students. He provides fertile ground for growing and learning."

Well, they weren’t my methods and ways, they were the methods and ways I’d learned and the very same ones that are taught in this course.

Those are real comments from my students.

In the course Intro, you’ll get to know me more, get clear on your outcomes and get motivated to learn. You’ll remove barriers to learning and be given instructions on how to follow the course.

Then you’ll be fully equipped and excited to learn.

In section 2 you’ll learn 3 philosophical concepts that every teacher must adopt into their teaching philosophy and apply them as a bare minimum. Of course you can add more to make your own unique philosophy, but these three should play a major role.

You’ll learn that there are 2 components to understanding anything fully, and they are not equal in weighting.

You’ll learn about the 4 levels of learning and how to go meta to yourself and that only 3 of the levels are considered real learning. The first is an illusion.

You’ll learn that the implicit mindset present in most schools is utterly wrong and you should not ever lead your students into believing the lie. And neither should you.

As always, at the end of each section, we’ll take a moment to reflect.

In section 3 you’ll be given my Lesson Structure Blueprint and learn how to create and design a lesson plan that keeps the students engaged and in flow. You’ll learn how to take your students on a journey, through a full learning cycle in lesson-tight compartments. I’ll introduce each of the 5 parts and explain how to build and deliver them.

After you’ve reflected and applied your learning and your new philosophy you’ll learn the models.

Section 4 you’ll learn how to learn.

You’ll gain insight into essential principles that underpin the whole learning process, a kind of learning mindset that will allow all of the methods and models to flourish. You’ll also get my 3 steps to mastery framework. A powerful, ancient formula for transformation that will enable you to learn and teach anything, better and faster. This lecture alone is worth the price of this course. It truly is timeless.

Heard of VARK? If yes, do you know how to use it? If not, you will after this course. I’ll introduce it and then teach you how to apply it with a step by step guide included.

Next up you’ll meet David Kolb's learning model, my favourite. It’s a super valuable and highly adaptable model that helps you teach, motivate and transform your learners. There are 4 quadrants, after this course you’ll be able to identify which one you prefer and which ones your learner prefers. Better still, you’ll be able to teach to them all and seamlessly transition from one to the next, very useful for bringing learning from into the mind out into the world.

There another tool you’ll want to master, and this one is not as complex as some of the others. You’ll learn the two learning modes a learner is in, how to spot them and how to change modes yourself. Simple but effective.

There’s more at the end of this section before we move onto our final section which will bring it all together.

Section 5 Congratulations, you’ve made it.

In this final section you’ll learn how to physically take these models out into the classroom and improve on them with the Reflect and Refine worksheet. This section alone is worth the price of the whole course, I know I’ve said it before, but it truly is. Sometimes humans like to over complicate things but this one method alone will change your life for the better. It’s not even something brand new, you’ve probably heard it countless times before, but that’s because it works. It’s the real deal and we’ve known about it for centuries upon century.

I'll show you how to implement it effectively. This is a real game changer and you can use it for any change effort, not just teaching. I really hope you see the value in it, and furthermore, actually use it to get huge transformation in your life and your learners.

This course is exactly what you need to gain greater impact in your field, find ultimate success in your quest and have unlimited control over your students outcomes, making you the best in your field.

Enroll now. Take the course, use the skills, improve on them and over time, you'll become the master.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Let’s begin.

John Robinson

Practice and Learning Expert.

My name is John Robinson. I teach music to students of all ages who want control, mastery, and fame.

I have 20 years of drumming, 6 years of teaching experience. In 2017 one of my students got the highest exam result in the entire country.

To me, fulfillment is seeing people experience happiness because of what I've shown them. As a teacher, I get to see this every day.

My students soon become happier with increased self-esteem, expanded cognitive range and greater social and emotional intelligence. Which equips them for success in the business world as well as their personal lives.

I have a vision of a world where personalised learning helps every people discover their innate talents.

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What are People Saying?


Enthusiastic instructor, great course to get you excited about drumming and into a good vibe.

O Mulder, Udemy Student.


Your lessons are perfect and I love them and I really enjoy all your lessons. No lesson for me is boring.

Jayden, Private Drum Student