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Being a professional musician made me a master student and now I am on the road to becoming a master teacher.

Work Examples


The Advanced Teacher Training Guide

Learn How To Use Powerful Coaching Tools That Will Transform Your Students, Keep Them in Flow and Accelerate Progress

YouTube Channel


Here, I post gamification, practice and learning tips and motivational content.

Summer Band Camp Program


A 1-week camp where children aged 8-16 are taught how to perform in a band live on stage!

About Me


I grew up mastering music and got my start in teaching at an early age.

I have a vision of a non-standardised education system tailored to the individual’s needs and desires.

After a long journey of personal development, I plan to advance my career in education and instructional design.

Currently, I'm Business Development Manager for Modern Music School, the leading music school in Europe, and a Freelance Instructional Designer.


Creative Music Performance, BA

  Music Production, Fnd

 Become an Instructional Designer, Lynda.com Learning Path

 Learning, Communication and Neuroscience, MMS


I love books, courses, podcasts and blogs, networking and applying knowledge.

I have informally studied Positive Parenting, Consulting and Digital Marketing for 3 years and will never stop learning.

Accomplishments and Testimonials


I've published 2 courses on Udemy with over 1600 students enrolled. And my second course, Advanced Teacher Training was recently published in Summer 2018.

I've self-published 3 eBooks related to drumming and accelerated learning and maintain a blog at http://pursueaskill.com related to learning principles, deliberate practice, and personalised learning.


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