Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course

In 2013 I learned I was soon to be a father and I suddenly realised I had no idea how.

Luckily my wife Roba, was one step ahead of me, she’d already stumbled across Positive Parenting. A parenting style focused on empathetic limit setting!

Cue Dr Laura Markham,

who has been my sherpa ever since, my guide to the territory, my parenting guru. I have read both her books several and taken her online course maybe 3 or 4 times and would like to recommend it to all new and current parents.

Why Peaceful Parenting?

Not only did it help me raise 2 superheroes, but it also taught me a lot about children in general which helped tremendously in my teaching.

That is why I would even recommend this course to anyone who works closely with children, although yes it is specifically aimed at parents, as I said, it helped me no end in connecting to students, motivating them without rewards, developing resilience and mastery in them and gaining their trust and respect.

But that’s not all. As you know, parenting is a kind of relationship, and therefore Dr Laura’s work helped me to improve the quality of my relationship with my wife, Roba at one of the most beautiful but trying times a couple can go through. Yes, the principles of Peaceful or Positive Parenting work for all kinds of relationships. Especially since it will increase your emotional awareness and equity.

But the best thing about the Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course is…

…and is perhaps the ultimate goal of the course – paradoxically… is that it helps you heal old wounds and become a more, well, peaceful person.

In other words, more self-disciplined and self-control, kinder and more compassionate, more forgiving and accepting and more capable of living a joyful and loving life.

Gone are the days of self-sabotaging, damaging relationships and projects, leaving a trail of resentment in your wake, erupting, losing control and saying or doing stupid things you live to regret. No more addictive tendencies, negative patterns.

Seriously, it’s no joke. You’ll learn to parent yourself in a way. So there’s the paradox. You take a Peaceful Parenting course to learn how to raise happy kids and you end up actually going on a deeply personal and somewhat spiritual inner journey of self-discovery and self-repair (if that’s even a term).

Do it. It’s worth the 12 weeks, $154 investment

I don’t get anything for this. I’m just a raving fan dedicated to bringing you the best in learning. And I believe relationships should be one of the core subjects taught at school. So it aligns with my vision.

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Read on for my key takeaways/course summary

What You Get

11 Audios, 1 Live Call, 60 audio inspirations, Practical Exercises, Private Facebook Forum, Weekly Bonuses, Fee access for your partner and a free copy of Dr Laura Markham’s book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids