Hi, my name's John and welcome to my Sam Ovens Review


Who am I and why did I write a review of Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator?


I'm a Geordie drummer who went travelling the world playing music and found myself in China and eventually Dubai where I met the love of my life, Roba Hage, and started a family.

I quickly realized drumming was not a profession that I could support a family with. So, I started looking for new skills I could learn because all I knew was music, really. That's how I found Sam's course.


Why should you listen to me?


I was once like you, I was looking for something to make a difference in my life, get a decent income and grow personally and professionally.

At first, I was really hesitant to take the course. I wanted to, but it was actually quite a big investment for me at the time. But I did it and now I'm on the other side. So, I can tell you what my journey was like and what the outcome of that decision was.


What do I do?


Actually, I've done a lot of courses but Sam's course is definitely my favourite.

I'm a learning professional now. I train a team of music teachers, teach a few students and build courses and training programs, that's one of the reasons why I've got such a high appreciation for Sam's course. I know how to build courses, so I know what has gone into building Sam's Consulting Accelerator.

I'm gonna explain how I use the course and in the Sam Ovens Review video above, I actually show you the course and show you how I use it as well as the things that I like and didn't. So, be sure to check that out too.

Let the Sam Ovens Review Begin


Screen Shot of the 3 Programs available displayed in 3 block columns from left to right. Each course has a logo and description

Actually, Sam has three training programs that you can get. The first one is the Consulting Accelerator which helps you start your own consulting business and scale it to six-figures with focus and predictable client attraction and conversion. Once you're at 6-figures you move to the next level and shoot for 7-figures and beyond. The last level is for those looking to be number one in their niche. You can think of these like a BA, Masters and PhD.

The first thing you see is a welcome video from Sam personally welcoming you to the program. All the other videos in that section are listed on the left side menu.

Screen Shot of the online Portal with a left navigation panel and a video player in the main window

Along the top is the toolbar. So, for a refer-a-friend, that's if you've got any friends who'd like the course, you can offer them the program. If they buy, you get a referral fee and they get a discount.

If you buy Sam's program through my link, I'll get a referral fee and you'll get a discount and a free trial.

World Class Customer Support


One of the best things about this program, and it's not well advertised, is actually the support.

Screen Shot of the Help enter with 4 clickable icons of the relative sections. Mostly text and white space

The Search is another powerful feature that Sam is very proud of. He calls it the"Hive Mind", it uses machine learning to improve is functionality the more people use it. You can search the entire course, the blog and the live Q&A database which has over 300 calls on.

The Facebook group's just been growing and growing over the years. There are thousands of really like-minded, supportive, helpful people. To be honest I go here most of the time for my support.

The Q&A calls are twice a week at a set time. They're live web calls that you can attend to get your problems solved by experts Sam has trained.

The Help Center is a knowledge base of FAQs and common issues. You can click on the articles and you're almost guaranteed to get an answer to your problem there.

And, if for some reason you still can't get the help you need, you can click back into the Help Center, go to contact and submit a support ticket.

The support is second to none. With that support, you can't really go wrong.

Inside The Portal


So, here we are, let's actually look at the program.

Screen Shot of a training portal with modules listed on the left, and the module video in the main window with a lesson overview description below

This is my favourite week. Week 2 has changed my life. If you're right at the beginning, you've not got a business and you consider yourself like an average person like myself, this is going to change your life.

It's going to give you a whole new way of seeing things, teach you how to look at things in a way that empowers you and gives you the confidence and mindset to finish the course and get the results that matter to you.

So, let me tell you exactly why Week 2 is so powerful and transformative. Later I'll address who this course is for. But let me say that if you're not willing to get outside your comfort zone you're not really going to get much out of this course. The Consulting Accelerator will push you beyond your limits. You're going to go through massive change and transformation, just like I have.


In the Sam Ovens Review video above, I show you exactly how I did that. Let me summarise below.

The Physical Boxset

5 Black Books, 1 small, 4 the same size, neatly stood up, front facing in a line

One of the coolest features is you get this box set delivered to your door included in the price. A physical box set with all of the course materials in it.


1. A little notebook


2. Sam's Sales Script 


Which is quite famous. A lot of people are saying that this is the best thing in the course. It teaches you to sell things. It's a full script to follow.


3. The Alchemy Planner - which is fantastic


It's a system that you follow each day. You say what you're grateful for, you put your days priorities, you mention what current projects you're working on and you say what would make today great. And, then, you just go schedule day hour by hour, keep track of your results and do a review at the end of the day.


4. The Alchemy Of Self is the main part of week 2 training


Inside you can see a little instructions manual, a list of important things to remember - these are the key points from each of the videos, and then a ritual that you're supposed to do every day. If you do this every day you'll completely change your life and your mindset.

There are also affirmations. Sam gives you a whole list of affirmations and you can and should add your own. These are things that you say to yourself morning and night and a few times a day, to help reprogram your brain. I used these to help build a new identity when I stepped into a new role. I’d say

“I’m a proactive, organised, efficient manager who always gets results”

Because I had a tendency to be the opposite so this worked a treat. A year later I was lifted into an even higher position.


5. Lastly, there’s the tracking sheet which I've slightly modified


It’s an XL sheet where you keep track of everything that's happened or didn’t happen. It helps you to see where you've fallen off and where you're succeeding and performing well.


So that's it. In my opinion, this is the most valuable part of the program and I think Week 2 alone is worth the money alone. If people got taught this process at school we'd live in a much better world. Because I didn't show you all of it, there's more to it. Sam actually helps you design your character and identity and shows you how to become the person you need to be in order to reach your goals.

The Module Videos


This is the first video in Week 2.

Title Screen. A woman hiding behind a tree in a dark forest. With the shadow of a monster walking in the background

Sam's got some funny names for his modules...

You can see the video here is two hours. Now, a few people complain about the length of Sam's videos. If you watched the Sam Ovens Review Video above you may have noticed that I speak quite quickly. So, I absolutely love the...


Video Playback Speed Feature


I normally default to 1.5x speed. If I've heard the module before or if I'm skimming through it, I'll even go faster. If you set the speed to 2x then the video is only one hour long.


Sam has a great way of explaining things in an easy to understand, matter-of-fact sort of way. Frankly, I don’t care much for his extreme domination, ruthless power style, he uses words like destroy and smash etc. But his message is robust and the content is so compelling.


There are seven videos in Week 2 and they're all around about two hours, some of them are a bit more, some less.

Sam calls it Week 2. You obviously don't have to do it all in a week. You can do it at your own pace. I've got a full-time job and a young family. My children are two and four years old. So, I do what I can in the free time I get.

Further down the page, you get info about each lesson, what you're gonna cover, and then there's a full transcript. There's even an mp3 version.


One Drawback


Now, one of the things that don't like about Sam's course is that there's no offline version, you have to log in and access it on the cloud. So, if you're out of Wi-Fi and you haven't got data on your phone, you can't watch the videos. I like to do that when I'm driving.


Sam is asking in the groups if anyone would appreciate an app. So, I think he is currently building one. Which would obviously allow for offline viewing. I can't wait for that.

Screen Shoot of comment thread from Facebook with a question and an image of the home screen of a mobile app

Action Items


Once you've been through all the videos and completed all of the exercises at the end of each week, there's a checklist.

Screen Shot containing a lot of text. Lists and menus

Another thing I don't like is that here you can see I haven't completed the current character worksheet and there's no way to get the worksheet, there's no link here. Instead, I have to remember which module it's in and go and find it there. I cannot remember which module the worksheet's in, so I have to click through all the modules to find it. It's not the end of the world, obviously, it's just a small usability thing.


So, this is the section where you upload your finished versions and track your progress. It’s also a great way to keep everything organised.

Is it for me?

Alright, so you've probably got a lot of questions like


"Is this for me"?

"Should or could I do it"?

"How long do I have to put into it"?

"How long will things take"?


But, is it for you?


It's for anyone who wants to start or grow a business, even if you've already got a consulting business, it's definitely going to help you to structure yourself properly. But, if you haven't got a business, you can follow this program and get one set up in no time...

If you’re thinking what is consulting? Sam explains it all. But, it's basically just serving people in a way that they need. Sam helps you define what this is and then he shows you how to structure your offer and business.


Sam literally gives you everything you need, even teaches you:


  • How to do sales,
  • How to do marketing,  
  • How to do your mindset
  • How to set up your website set up, everything!
  • He even gives you all the legal stuff that you need,

Spoiler Alert - What if I don't have a niche?


The way the course is built, you're supposed to choose your own niche. But, Sam even has… and this is a bit of a spoiler, but he has a bonus week that he doesn't tell you about and it's the Digital Marketing Bonus Week.

Screen Shot of an online training portal with modules listed to the left, a video player in the center and descriptions below

This is what you do if you haven't got a niche, you just do digital marketing for an industry that you know about.

So, the course is for people who want to make a change. That's why I got it, I wanted to be a better provider for my family. I was tired of working my ass off for no money, having no security and no real future.


I don't regret getting the course, it was definitely the best thing I ever did. It's helped make me the man I am proud to be today and I know it can do the same for anyone, especially people whom are more practical than me and actually do the work.

Ring The Bell!!!


Every day there are people in the Facebook group getting results and getting clients. It's true, it's real. I think this is the future of Education, I think this is a way our grandchildren are going to learn.

If this Sam Ovens Review still did not answer your queries, join the Consulting Community Facebook group and see what others are saying. Tag me and I'll answer your questions @JohnRobinson

Thanks for watching my Sam Ovens Review.


I’m a huge fan and a real, paying student of his. I’ve actually been a student since the Consulting Accelerator 1.0. So, If you've got any questions let me know in the comment below, I'm happy to help.


If you want to buy the course using my link, go ahead and click the link below to get your discount and free trial.

☑ Pay nothing now

☑ No commitment necessary

☑ You can make your final decision on the next step.

If I hadn't have made the decision to take control of my life and make a change, I probably wouldn't be able to give my family a better life than the one I had growing up.

You know, all I had to do was make the decision and then once I did that, I just needed the knowledge and the skills and that was easy to find.

I receive a referral fee if you buy with this discount, so we both win. And it's a bonus for me, yes, but it has not changed my opinion of the course. It's my choice what I promote and my reputation is at stake. I have study many things and I only recommend what I believe in. I hope you found it valuable.

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